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Hello my love.

I'm Sina and the founder of Cactusorchid. A hobby and passion became a goal: cactus orchid jewelry

Cactusorchid Jewelry stands for jewelry inspired by Japanese tradition.

Give yourself more self-love, calm down and be happy.

Selflove, happiness and be calm - that is my credo.

My pieces of jewelry are an image of nature, old traditions and the beauty of life.

I use original fabrics from Japan. The land of the rising sun, meditation, old tradition and tranquillity.

These fabrics come from Nara and from Chiba. They are made in a small factory. With a purchase you help to keep the old tradition alive.

I believe in combining old traditions and capturing the elegance of Japan in a piece of jewellery. Each piece is unique.

No piece resembles the other. Since semi-precious stones are used that are gold-plated and high-quality materials, you will enjoy them for a long time.

With my personalized bracelets you have the opportunity to create a unique gift for your loved ones. A custom-fit bracelet, like your favorite stone or pendant, many things are possible.

By using these high-quality materials, I firmly believe that you will enjoy them for a long time and that we can contribute to our environment by shopping more consciously and preferring to choose higher-quality and more sustainable products.

The bracelets are nice and soft and can be used well for yoga. It is important to me that you get a custom-fit bracelet, that's why there are personalized bracelets.

Since every person is unique, you deserve a unique individual


I hope you enjoy my creation! =D

xoxo Sina

Fabrics from Japan

Our fabrics come from Chiba and Nara. They are made in a small factory. Preserve the old tradition.

semi-precious stones

Labradorite, aquamarine, lapis lazuli... the world of semi-precious stones seems endless. But they have been said to have special powers for thousands of years.

A piece of nature's wonder with endless color variations.


Get your custom-fit bracelet. My bracelets will be adjusted to your size. A unique piece just for you. You deserve it.